Fire Roasted Salsa is a McKay family staple; part canned, mostly fresh, it can be made all in a blender and in minutes. Have the time to roast your tomatoes? I totally encourage it, especially if it’s fresh from the summer crop. But if you’re in the weeds and need something to hit the kitchen table sooner rather then later, aim for organic fire roasted tomatoes in a can. I have found that organic tomatoes seem to stray away from the tinny flavor that standard ones do so I feel the extra cents are well worth it.


The beauty of blending is the lack of knife work that needs to be done. If you have some around the house that enjoy heat in their salsa (two thumbs pointing at this guy), then skip deseeding the jalapeno and the knife doesn't even need to see the light of day. It makes enough to last the week at our house, is inexpensive and doesn't make you loosen your belt after eating. Win-win. 



Organic Fire Roasted (2 cans)

Onion (white or yellow, medium)


Garlic (2 cloves)

Cilantro (½ bunch)

Vegetable Oil (¼ cup)

Lime Juice (½ to all)

Salt and Pepper




Add all ingredients to the blender. Blend till smooth. Slowly add the oil to the vortex. Done.